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We offer different food items as an add-on to make your picnic experience extra special. All of our packages include your choice of sparkling water or still water for each guest. 

We serve appetizer portions, if you'd like a meal, we recommend sizing up!

Charcuterie Boards

Small- $75

Medium- $150

Large- $200

Extra Large- $295

*Additional charge applies to custom boards

Grazing Tables

Small Picnic Table Runner

 starting at $210

Large Grazing Table

Fruit Platters

Small- $40

Medium- $60

Large- $80

Extra Large- $100

S'mores Platters

Small- $55

Large- $85

Donut Display


Chocolate Strawberries

6ct- $18

12ct- $25

Sparkling Juice
Small Ice Bucket


Small Ice Bucket 


Each board + platter is uniquely crafted! We source fresh, seasonal produce for each one and because of this, boards and platters may not look the same as the ones pictured here.

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